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Q: What is the difference between different types of electric scooters?

A: Major differences are in the battery, folding system and motor of different types of scooters.  These are most expensive and important parts of any electric scooter, 

Q: There are other, cheaper scooter brands in the market. Why should I buy yours?

A: Yes, there are cheaper brands on the market. But Urban Solutions identifies only the best and technically superior brands. We do this to help our customers avoid future hassle concerning service and repairs. We provide complete after-sales support to all our customers. Feel free to compare our brans with others in the market.  

Q: What is the maximum range of electric scooter?

A: For EcoReco scooters maximum range is 25km However, maximum range of any electric scooter will depend on your average speed, weight and driving surface.

Q: What is the maximum speed of electric scooter?

A: Top speed can reach up to 32km/h. It is worth noting that maximum speed changes proportionally to reduction in the battery charge

Q: What is the maximum load of the scooters?

A: Maximum recommended weight load is 120kg.

Q: What are the differences between EcoReco S3 and S5?

A: S3 has only got front suspension. S5 is with full suspension.

Q: Can I take it to the metro or any public transport?

A: Electric scooters are allowed in the public transport. We do however recommend you to fold it before entering tram or bus to be considerate to fellow passengers.

Q: How can I charge my scooter?

A: Electric scooter has a small portable charger that you can easily take with you, just like a regular laptop charger. Battery charges fully in approximately 4 hours. 

Q: How often do I need to change the breaks?

A: Just as with any vehicle, electric scooters require regular checks and servicing. We recommend a check every 3-6 month. Depending on the driving pattern, breaks will need to be replaces twice a year or more.

Q: Does full suspension mean I can jump on my scooter from curbs and perform extreme tricks?

A: No. Suspension will only absorb vibrations and make your ride smoother. It doesn't mean you can take it to a skate park.

Q: Can I use my electric scooter during the rain?

A: We do not recommend operating the scooter in the rain for safety reasons. Roads are slippery and will be dangerous for you to break on. It is generally not a good idea to bike or scooter in the rain. However, if you got caught up in the rain on your way home, the e-scooter is water resistant and will continue to function well. Just remember to wipe the water away and keep it dry once you are indoors to ensure adequate product life. Moisture does not mix well with electronics and batteries.

Q: How well can an electric scooter handle a hill?

A: Ecoreco scooter can climb uphill up to 10-12 degree incline (~15% slope), which should be fine for most streets/roads in U.A.E.

Q: What is the minimum age to use an electric scooter?

A: Urban Solutions recommend the use of our scooters for 18 years and above. Either way, if you feel that your offspring is capable enough to operate the scooter responsibly but are worried about the top speed, we can limit the speed to either 7 mph or 12 mph. This is a safer mode.